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Picture this, you are standing in a room surrounded by your closest friends having the time of your life and just when you think nothing can go wrong something does. Your heart begins pounding, your palms become sweaty, your chest begins to hurt, you’re short of breath, nauseous, and suddenly all you want to do is to run and hide in a dark, quiet room, alone. Congratulations, you have successfully had your first panic attack and don’t worry, there will be many, many more to come.

Calmm CBD

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common disorders in the world topping over forty million people and rising. Approximately five million deaths worldwide are attributable to mood and anxiety disorders each year. Among these deaths are young people who have barely seen what life has to offer.

Prescription pharmaceutical drugs can work and may even take these feelings away for a short time. However, many people who take prescription medication will say it is trial and error.  It can be very difficult to find the right prescription or combination of prescriptions to effectively help with these episodes.  Some drugs are habit forming. These medications may not permanently take this feeling away and ultimately you may find that you are dependent on them. 

CEO and Co-Founder of Calmm Brendan Cogbill is one of these forty million people struggling with stress, anxiety, and panic disorder. He and his co-founder Austin Taylor decided they wanted to help find a more natural way  for a person with anxiety and stress to ease the symptoms in a non-habit-forming way that can be used in virtually any situation that presents itself.

Jimmy Restivo, CFO of Calmm, has also had his fair share of struggles with anxiety. When Jimmy heard about the brand, he knew he wanted to be a part of and help this brand grow into something great which would benefit his personal health and other people struggling with the same symptoms. 

For those who are not familiar with CBD (cannabidiol), CBD is one of over 113 active compounds known as cannabinoids derived directly from the hemp plant. It works naturally to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, and sleep issues without any mind-altering effects or "high" for the person using it. Calmm strives to provide people with an alternative solution to potentially harmful prescriptions and to assist people trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. Made from some of the top ingredients on the market, Calmm’s CBD products can assist your body in more ways than one.

Calmm CBD Infused Hand and Body Lotion

As the market continues to rise for CBD and CBD infused products, it has become hard to differentiate one brand from another. Calmm takes a more personal approach to providing people with CBD and CBD infused items. Formulating products which may help people live a happier and healthier lifestyle is the motto at Calmm.

Calmm CBD Distillate Tinctures

A Calmm state of mind is what is represented in our business logo. The brain, representing the human mind, and the leaves as a symbol of peace.  When put together, they represent a peaceful or calm mindset. 

Calmm Champion Material Hoodies

Whether it is anxiety, stress or, in some cases pain, Calmm’s mission is to help. To change people’s lives for the better by providing a natural product, domestically grown and professionally extracted. Calmm aims to offer all of this and the added peace of mind that what you are putting into your body is natural, and effective. Anyone that suffers from anxiety understands that feeling of helplessness and panic during an anxiety attack. When in this state, all you want is to find relief and Calmm.


We thank each and every one of you for your support while we chase our dreams. We sincerely hope we can assist you in your goal for a better quality of life.